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I recommend TV Ears to my hearing-impaired patients

I am an Otolaryngologist and I’m hearing impaired .I have used TV Ears for each of my TV’s and enjoy the crystal clear sound that TV Ears delivers. Daily, in my active practice, I recommend TV Ears to several hearing impaired/challenged patients , who find this device, as effective and enjoyable, listening to the audio of their TV systems, as I have for many years.

Alvin Katz,M.D.


I am an exceedingly pleased owner of the long range digital TV Ear system. I use earring aids normally but when watching TV I remove them and happily use TV Ears. I can walk around house & garage while listening to favorite TV morning. I highly recommend the system for anyone with medium to severe hearing issues. Thank you 🙏

I recommend this system for anyone with medium to severe hearing issues.


Why TV Ears work better than hearing aids

Wearing hearing aids to watch television is not ideal because everything in the room gets amplified such as the dishwasher, air conditioner and other people’s voices. When you wear your TV Ears background noises are eliminated and the only thing that gets amplified is the sound of the television.

George Dennis Founder & CEO of TV Ears, Inc.

I have enjoyed using my TV ears for many years now.

I have enjoyed using my TV ears for many years now. I was excited to get my upgrade and to get the Clarifying TV Speaker system. Not only is it easier for me to hear dialog and it is much clearer with this new speaker system. I can easily discriminate speech sounds and background noise is substantially reduced. My upgraded TV ears can go a long distance too. I love using my TV Ears with the new speaker!

John Greschuk, Lakeland, FL

Delighted, very happy

Delighted, very happy that my husband can watch whatever he wants as loud as he wants & that does not hurt my ears. He does not have to have the TV up loud & when I do watch TV with him, it is at a normal hearing level. I love your product!

Barry & Shirley W.

Invaluable help in our enjoyment of television

“My wife and I have used TV Ears almost daily for the past ten years and find them an invaluable help in our enjoyment of television — we would not be without them. As a retired Otologist, I heartily recommend TV Ears to people with normal hearing as well as those with hearing loss.”

Robert Forbes, M.D., California

Great Service at no additional cost to me!

I had the single set, which at that time were with the long wires as connectors, for several years? My husband he agreed after trying mine, far better reception, and we went into the double unit that now are wireless, if I am saying that right. This is my second purchase of the dual unit. We’re happy with the product and service. The last unit received is fine except one receiver has an issue. TV Ears, resolved the issue and you have already sent out a new. Great Service at no additional cost to me! Hopefully We will continue to enjoy TV Ears for many more years! Thank You


Phenomenal customer service

We are writing to commend the service we received when deciding to purchase the TV Ears Voice Clarifying TV Speaker. We are incredibly impressed with the support we received from David and Jose. Last Wednesday, we called your company and asked Jose if you had a unit that is comparable to our old tv ears unit. He suggested this unit and was so patient and helpful. We received the unit on Saturday pm. We set up the unit and it would not work the way the old unit did so I called support this morning. David answered the call and was incredibly helpful and patient. He had us give him the old tv model number and walked us through setting the new ears so that we could use our remote to mute and adjust the volume. This was a necessity because we keep the unit behind us and it was a challenge to keep reaching back to adjust volume and to mute button. Thank you from satisfied customers,

Rosemarie & John

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