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I Hate My Bluetooth TV Headset. Here’s Why..

Why Bluetooth is the worst technology for a television headset  I finally figured out that when it comes to TV headsets, Bluetooth sucks! A much better technology is good old Infrared or 5.8 Ghz RF.

Why Is It So Hard To Understand Dialog On My New TV?

Are you having difficulties understanding television? Are you asking people “what did they say”? Are you looking for something better than closed captioning?  Read to understand the causes and find solutions.

Say Goodbye to Hearing Aids, Hello TV EARS®! 

Five Reasons your hearing aids don’t work well for watching TV  Background Noise: Wearing hearing aids to watch television is not ideal because everything in the room gets amplified such as the dishwasher, air conditioner and other people’s voices. When you wear your TV Ears background noises are eliminated and the only thing that gets amplified is the sound of the television. Can’t mute the TV: Wearing hearing aids to watch television does not allow you to mute the television for complete quiet. TV Ears has a Quiet TV mode that lets you mute the television and still listen to

Sound Setting For TVs: How To Make The Dialog Clearer

Modern televisions are designed to produce amazing and high-definition images. In some cases, background noise can affect the audio’s clarity. For example, you may struggle to understand the dialog in your favorite show even when the actors’ lips and speech are synchronized. Enabling closed captions doesn’t really solve the issue because you still end up with incomprehensible or muffled dialog. Don’t worry; here are suggestions about sound setting for TV to help make the dialog clearer. Get a Reliable Soundbar It recommended that you invest in new audio equipment if older units already show signs of significant wear and tear.

5 Ways To Hear TV Without Disturbing Others

Have you ever been told by your loved ones or neighbors to turn down the volume of the TV? It can be annoying to receive noise complaints, especially when you’re just trying to unwind and enjoy your favorite show. There are many reasons why you are unable to hear the TV, including poor TV design, bad audio systems, and declining hearing. However, there are ways for you to enjoy your TV show without maxing out the volume. Continue reading to learn 5 easy ways to hear the TV without disturbing others. Check Your TV Settings Have you ever adjusted the

Why Is The Background Music Louder Than The TV Show Dialogue?

Are you a big fan of watching TV? TV show dialogue and background music go hand in hand in making a show enjoyable. However, what do you do if the background music of your favorite TV show is so loud it drowns out the dialogue? To help you fix the problem, let’s look into some common reasons why this happens and what you can do to fix it. Reasons Why Background Music Drowns Out Dialogue It can be challenging to enjoy your favorite TV show when you’re struggling to hear and understand TV show dialogue. There are three common reasons

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