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Original Transmitter

Replacement transmitter for the TV Ears Original System (11641) 

Note: This product will only work with one more TV Ears Original/Digital headsets (11621) in the same room.  This product does not include a headset and is intended for replacing an existing TV Ears Original Transmitter or adding an extra transmitter to enable TV Ears Headsets to work with  other TVs, in different rooms in your home.

SKU/Model#: 11611
Compatible with: TV Ears 5.0 System


Product Overview

The TV Ears Original Transmitter features Speed of Light (SoLIT) Infrared technology and  works out of the box without the need for WiFi, Bluetooth pairing or a phone app. Just plug it in, charge your TV Ears Headsets and you will begin receiving TV audio.  No need to pair or adjust frequency.

The TV Ears Original  Transmitter also includes TV Ears Voice Clarifying Technology, that amplifies human voices while helping eliminate background noise.

Accommodates all levels of hearing loss and is compatible with most TV’s with a Analog/3.5mm audio out port or set top box with RCA Audio out port. For TVs with a Digital audio out only, we recommend upgrading to the TV Ears Digital Transmitter (11811) which is also compatible with any of your existing TV Ears Original Headsets.

Voice Clarifying Circuitry®

Our Voice Clarifying Circuitry® is powered by a proprietary microchip that takes a standard hearing aid circuit and optimizes it for watching television.

This technology also dampens background sounds, so voices are not muffled by music, special effects and other loud busts of sounds commonly found in television soundtracks.

Even customers with severe hearing loss report that words seem to jump out of the audio track, making whispers, accents and hard to hear dialog understandable

Snap-Fit Charging Technology

The TV•Ears® Headset features a new charging mechanism that wraps around the prongs in the charging base providing a more secure fit and ensuring a consistent charge every time.

We call this Snap-Fit Charging. You will notice that when you place the headset in the charging base and push down on the headset that it will actually ‘snap’ into place and the charging light will illuminate.

You can be sure the headset is getting a proper charge when the headset is ‘snapped’ into place and you see the illuminated charging light come on.

Technical Specs & Other Features

Transmission TypeInfrared, Mono
Transmission Frequency2.3 MHz
Audio Frequency Response20- 20,000 Hz
Max SPL120 dB
Transmitter Dimensions (H x W x D)1.4″ x 4.12″ x 3.625″

How it Works

1. Charge & Setup – Once the Transmitter is connected to the “audio out port” of your television and powered up by plugging it into a wall outlet place it on a flat surface pointing outward. 

2. Adjust Tone/Volume– Simply remove the headset from the charging cradle and gently adjust the volume and tone dials to your preferred settings.

3. Enjoy TV Together! – The transmitter will continually send the television audio to each headset if the television is turned on and the headset is charged. No pairing or complex process required. 

What's in the Box?

  • Original Transmitter
  • Auxiliary 3.5mm cable
  • Auxiliary 3.5mm to RCA Cable
  • Power Supply

How to Plug it in

Connecting the Analog Infrared Transmitter

The transmitter is plugged into an electrical wall outlet and into your television’s 3.5 or RCA “audio out port”. These ports are located on the back of your television and look like these images. If your television doesn’t have these “audio out ports” you need to upgrade to the TV Ears Digital which offers more options.

Frequently Asked Questions​

TV Ears are uniquely classified as “Assistive Listening Devices” which allows them to have features that other TV headsets cannot such as our patented “Voice Clarifying Circuitry ” and 120 decibels of volume.

This is a very common problem exacerbated by multi-channel audio tracks and super thin televisions that have the speakers pointed down or even backwards. Soundbars can help but they produce a surround-sound experience which can make it even more difficult to understanding television dialog.

The best solution is a headset or a speaker that amplifies human speech frequencies (500 to 2500 Hz) and reduce background sounds (0 to 500 Hz)
so the television dialog jumps out from these complex audio tracks. Hearing aids are designed to do this, but they amplify every noise in the room. TV Ears also does this but has the advantage of amplifying the television dialog directly into your ears.

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