TV·Ears Speaker™

Voice Clarifying Wireless TV Speaker
For everyday use, this wireless TV·EARS® speaker features a large, easy to use control knob and audio ports for use with your favorite music player.
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Met all my expectations


The device came well packaged. All of the components seem to be well made and high quality. The setup was straight-forward with the good instructions (even with an old CRT-style TV). I bought it because for me to be able to hear the television, especially some good PBS shows when people have accents, I had to have the TV volume so high it would bother my wife (a lot). I tried headphones. The wireless ones I had bought through amazon were not good as they picked up too much interference and would shut off anytime there was a period of silence from the TV program-unacceptable. The wired one worked, but in my particular case when I plugged them into the TV it was no longer possible to listen to the TV speakers as they were muted. Maybe I did something wrong(?). So I decided, with some trepidation, to buy these rather expensive TV Ears with separate speaker (also my audiologist recommended them). I love having the speaker sitting on the end table next to me. The quality of the sound from the speaker is very good. I can set the volume on the speaker so I can hear all shows well and my wife is not at all bothered by excessive TV volumes anymore. In fact, she has requested that I leave the speaker turned on all the time because she enjoys the "surround sound" effect. The only negative I can find is that you must have a direct line-of-sight between the infrared transmitter and the speaker. So I can't set anything on the speaker that would block the IR signal. For me this is a minor annoyance. So, based on my experience, I would recommend this product.

Works well


I have been looking for something to help me hear tv shows. Presently I have a Koss system that sends a signal to a set of ear phones. This works fairly well since I can increase the volume for me and not my wife. It still is not perfect since all it does is amplify. Often the background music overshadows the dialog. Also I have to turn it off to converse with my wife.

This new device actually clarifies dialog! I keep it near me so I can adjust the volume while my wife keeps the tv volume where she needs it. It works really well. I use it with my hearing aids in so I don't need excess volume.

Works as advertised


Speaker arrived well packaged in 2 days. Setup time less than 10 minutes without reading instructions. Plugged in transmitter to optical output on tv and had to setup tv audio to PCM. Although it is not Bluetooth there are enough infrared lights on transmitter to cover a wide range line of sight, there is no noticeable audio delay between tv and speaker. Audio is clear and bass is adjustable in case you want to use it for music, there is an audio input on back panel, would have been better if it was in front with two headphone jacks. I have hearing loss and tinnitus in right ear and tend to raise tv volume too high for the rest in the family so I placed it on an end table next where I sit to watch tv on my left side. Now I can keep tv volume down and the tv ear volume up just slightly. Everyone is happy. Smart purchase at a reasonable price.

Should have ordered sooner.


Ordered the TV Ears speaker. Would highly recommend for any couple or family that have a member who has trouble hearing the tv. The speaker was easy to hook up and is easy to use. Reduces the noise of the music during programming, but allows the voices to be heard clearly.

I love this speaker box


I have had it for several years and never had an issue with it . IF anything ever happens to it I will be purchasing another one . I highly recommend this for anyone with hearing loss .