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I recommend TV Ears to my hearing-impaired patients

I am an Otolaryngologist and I’m hearing impaired .I have used TV Ears for each of my TV’s and enjoy the crystal clear sound that TV Ears delivers. Daily, in my active practice, I recommend TV Ears to several hearing impaired/challenged patients , who find this device, as effective and enjoyable, listening to the audio of their TV systems, as I have for many years.

Alvin Katz,M.D.

Best thing we ever did

We couldn’t make out most of the dialogue on movie s and other programs and TV Ears just drowns out the excessive background noise and brings the dialogue to the forefront. Fantastic product!!

Greg Ardoin

After 30+ years of trying to give my dad the perfect Christmas gift. I finally found it!!

I purchased the voice clarifying speaker system this year for my 82 year old Dad for Christmas. He had served in the Navy on an aircraft carrier and has some hearing loss. I just hung up from talking to him on the phone. He said the speaker is the best thing he has ever had! Before he would watch tv and couldn’t understand what was being said even with hearing aids. He told with the speaker he doesn’t miss a word! He is really enjoying watching tv again. This is truly the best gift I have ever purchased.

Carla Ice

Saved our marriage

TV ears saved my marriage. Best price ever! Highly recommend this product for anyone who is unable to watch TV with others with a normal volume.


Totally satisfied!

After ordering many hearing devices to be able to hear tv clearly, I’ve found an excellent product…. TV ears. Ordered on Friday, delivered on Saturday.,set up and using on Sunday! Totally satisfied with this product!


What a delight it is to hear my TV

Before purchasing my first pair of TV Ears I could only hear if the tv was so loud the neighbors complained. We won’t talk about my poor family. Now I sit in my room and watch my ball games and movies I missed. Greatest gift I’ve given myself.


tv ears is a very good investment

I live in a condo apartment building. my sig. other Mike has very poor hearing. he told me he was going to get this and I thought it would be a waste. it was NOT. saved me as far as I am concerned. the condo adjacent to mine has the bedroom against my living room wall. Mike had the tv set on 27 (normal is 7-9. now I don’t have to worry about annoying a neighbor. and I put them on a moment. they are not too loud either. I guess they work by concentrating the sound into the ear. we got a second pair so if the first runs out (Mike stays about 12 hours. he has a second pair. you ought to make hearing aids. I bet they would be good ones!

mary jura

Dad loves his!

My Dad has had TV ears for awhile now. He loves them and I think he should be in one of your commercials. He’s shared them with his friends. So many people have bought them as a result.


One of the smartest purchase’s I’ve ever made. Finally I can enjoy TV.

The best thing I ever did for myself, was buying TV Ears. I have had a loss of hearing in both ears since childhood and until I purchased TV Ears, I could never fully enjoy watching TV. I have missed SO much not being able to hear, but no more. I have had mine about three years, I love them, I’ve never a minute’s trouble with them. They work as well today as they did three years ago. Thank you TV Ears!

Donna M. Conley

condo life demands low volume tv

my sig other mike has terrible hearing and when he comes to my condo to visit he can’t have the tv blasting as my living room is against my neighbors condo bedroom. he told em he was getting these tv ears and I said it would be a waste of time and money—-WRONG! they are great and have saved me! the tv was set on 27 volume while normal volume is 7!

mary jura

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