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TV Ears Original/Digital – Batteries & Ear Tips

Replacement Foam Ear Tips & Batteries for the TV Ears Headset
Compatible with the TV Ears Original/Digital Headset (11621) . Ear tips should be changed every 90 days for comfort and hygiene purposes. Batteries last up to 1-2 years depending on use and should only be replaced after speaking with a TV Ears technician.

SKU/Model#: 40950
Compatible with: TV Ears 5.0 System


Product Overview

Note: This is a product bundle featuring 2 Items:

Item 1 – Pack of 8 TV Ears Slide Tips (40738)
Item 2 – TV Ears Battery Replacement (40810)

This product bundle is only for TV Ears Original/Digital Headsets (11621)

Item 1 - Pack of 8 TV Ears Slide Tips (40738)

Every TV Ears Orginal/Digital Headset (11641) comes equipped with TV Ears Slide Tips that comfortably conform to the shape of your ear.  These Advanced Comply™ Foam ear tips conform to the shape of your ear to provide an acoustically sealed chamber that blocks distracting background noise while enhancing the clarity of the television’s audio.

The comfortable Slide Tips are easily changed by simply sliding them off the headset and sliding new ones on. This package comes with a one year supply (eight individual ear tips).

Product Benefits / Features

  • Comfortable fit that conforms to the shape of your ear
  • Advanced Comply™ Foam technology
  • Creates an acoustically sealed chamber
  • Background noise reducing foam
  • One year supply

Product Tips

For typical use, we recommend that you change the ear tips every 90 days to maintain optimal hygiene and performance. Wax build up is not uncommon and may cause blockage in the ear tips resulting in diminished sound.

Also, the longer the ear tips are worn and used, the dirtier they get. Keep in mind that the foam material itself will last a very long time, but studies have found that under typical use conditions, the best way to maintain best performance and cleanliness is to change out the ear tips every 90 days.

Item 2 - Battery Replacement for TV Ears Original / Digital headsets (40810)

NOTE: The TV Ears Battery Replacement is only compatible with the TV ears Ears Original/Digital Headset (11621). Please call us toll free at 888-883-3277 before you purchase this product so we can help you to make sure a battery replacement is needed.

The TV Ears Battery Replacement is a small rechargeable battery found inside the TV Ears Original/Digital Headset (11621). The batteries are expected to last up to 6 hours per use on a full charge. We recommend that you change the battery when you begin to experience a decrease in the typical operating time. The normal lifetime of our batteries is around 1 to 2 years before a replacement is needed.

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove screws on the back of the headset with a #1 Phillips screwdriver to remove the front plate.

  2. Replace battery as shown in the image. Make sure the connecting bar faces upwards and the + mark on the battery is on the left side.

  3. Screw front plate back onto headset. Charge 14 hours BEFORE first use.

What's in the Box?

Technical Specs & Other Features

Battery TypeRechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Operating TimeUp to 6 hours on a full charge
Battery LifetimeUp to 1-2 Years
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