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TV Ears 5.8 Digital – Transmitter Only

Replacement Transmitter for the TV Ears®  5.8 Digital System

SKU/Model#: 22711
Compatibile with: TV Ears 5.8 Digital System


IMPORTANT: This replacement transmitter is only compatible with Long Range Systems Purchased after June 2022. If you are unsure, please contact our friendly USA-based support at 1-888-883-3277

Get "Wall-Breaking" Audio with 5.8 GHz TV•Ears® Long Range Technology™ !

TV•Ears® Voice Clarifying Headset Systems feature TV•Ears® Long Range technology will give you the freedom to walk around your home while listening to TV. The voice clarified audio will transmit up to 50 feet around corners and through walls. Works right out of the box. Our 5.8 GHz long range wireless technology works out of the box without the need for WiFi, Bluetooth pairing or a phone app. Just plug it in and turn it on. It will work every time.

The TV•Ears® has helped millions of people hear television dialog clearly while eliminating complaints about loud volume or the need to buy expensive hearing aids. Put on your TV•Ears® and turn them up as loud as you want while others listen to the television at a comfortable volume.

You can even put the TV on mute and listen through the headset only.   Others in the room won’t hear a thing but we guarantee you will. Imagine watching television with your family again without fighting over the TV volume or listening in private while a loved one sleeps or reads. As thousands of our customers have said, “TV•Ears® has changed our lives”.


Voice Clarifying Long Range Headset

The TV·Ears Wireless Headset weighs 2 oz and is designed to rest under the chin so it will be comfortable for long periods of use, won’t mess up your hair, won’t become hot and can be used while lying down. The new long range headset utilizes advanced UHF technology which allows you to listen to the TV up to 50 feet away from the transmitter.

The headset has its own volume and tone control allowing two people to use the headsets at the same time each setting their own volume. The headset is powerful enough to accommodate people with mild to severe hearing loss and will work with the sound bar on mute for private listening.

Works With TVs Equipped With Optical Digital Audio out for optimal digital performance. Also works with 3.5 Or RCA Analog Out Ports.

Product Features

  • “Under-the-chin” design similar to TV•Ears® Original
  • 1 Wireless Headset with 50 ft. Range
  • Accommodates All Levels of Hearing Loss
  • Compatible with All Makes and Models of Televisions
  • Independent Volume Controls
  • Features TV•Ears® Long Range technology
  • Transmitter easily connects to back of television with one audio cord
  • Compatible with TVEars® Voice Clarifying Sound Bar ™
  • No need to pair or adjust frequency
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • USA Based Customer Service

Technical Data

Transmission TypeUHF
Audio Frequency Response65- 20,000 Hz
Transmission Frequency5.8 GHz
Max SPL120 dB
Headset Dimensions (H x W x D)8″ x 5.4375″ x 0.6875″
Digital ConnectivityPCM product compatibility
Headset Dimensions (H x W x D)8” x 5.4375” x 0.774”
Transmitter Dimensions (H x W x D)1.48” x 4.33” x 3.58”
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