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The Best Hearing Aids and Accessories for TV Listening

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Do you or a loved one have difficulty listening to the TV? With over 48 million Americans experiencing some degree of hearing loss, you’re not alone. Finding the right “hearing aids and accessories” can make all the difference in being able to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best hearing aids and accessories to improve TV listening for those with hearing impairment.




What Causes Trouble Hearing the TV?

There are a few key reasons why you may have trouble hearing your TV:

  • Age-related hearing loss – As we get older, many of us experience high frequency hearing loss that makes it hard to make out dialog on the TV.
  • Background noise – Other household sounds like a running dishwasher can drown out the TV audio.
  • Low TV volume – Many people with hearing issues turn up the TV loud enough for others to hear. But there are better ways to improve TV audio for you without disturbing others. 

Top Hearing Aids and Accessories to Improve TV Listening

Here are some top options for hearing aids and accessories to help you hear the TV better:

TV Listening Systems

Among hearing aids and accessories, TV listening systems hold a prominent place. TV listening systems are wireless devices that deliver amplified TV audio directly to your ears while keeping background sounds lowered. This makes dialog much clearer and easier to understand. Here are some top choices:

  • TV Ears – Our very own TV Ears provide a seamless way to enjoy crystal clear TV audio without having to wear an aid in your ear. The lightweight wireless headset sits over your ears for better comfort and sound quality.
  • Sennheiser – This trusted brand also makes high-quality wireless TV listening headsets. The RS 120 model uses RF frequencies to transmit audio up to 100 feet away.

Hearing Aid Compatible Headphones

You can also opt for specialized headphones designed for hearing aids. Key features of these hearing aids and accessories include:

  • Telecoil reception – This allows hearing aids to connect directly to headphones for enhanced sound quality.
  • Amplified audio – Headphones for hearing impaired crank up the volume while keeping sounds clean and distortion-free.
  • Background noise reduction – Special noise cancelling technology ensures you hear more dialog over ambient sounds.

Hearing Aid Accessories

If you already wear hearing aids, you can also equip them with useful accessories for better TV listening, including:

  • Wireless streamers – These handy devices sync your hearing aids with TVs, phones, music players and more via Bluetooth. This deliver sounds straight to your hearing aids.
  • Remote mics – Strategically placed microphones pick up audio near the TV and transmit it to your hearing aids no matter where you sit.
  • Teleloops – Also known as induction loops, these accessories connect hearing aids via magnetic signals for interference and distraction-free TV audio.

Design your own TV listening system by carefully selecting the right hearing aids and accessories for your needs and lifestyle.

Why Choose TV Ears for Seamless TV Listening?

Here at TV Ears, we specialize in innovative wireless TV listening systems serving over 2 million satisfied customers. With advanced features like Voice Clarifying Circuitry to boost dialog while filtering out background noise, our systems are uniquely equipped to deliver an optimized TV viewing experience.

Our Wireless Headset Systems use lightweight, ergonomic headsets with built-in speakers to stream audio clearly and comfortably. That’s why you can select our store for getting hearing aids and accessories without a doubt in mind. 

With many years of experience selling clever hearing aids and accessories exclusively for TV listening, we encourage you to explore our lineup. Contact us today for the perfect customized solutions to enjoy TV audio again without strain or external distractions.

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TV Ears

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