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Why Is The Background Music Louder Than The TV Show Dialogue?

Are you a big fan of watching TV? TV show dialogue and background music go hand in hand in making a show enjoyable. However, what do you do if the background music of your favorite TV show is so loud it drowns out the dialogue? To help you fix the problem, let’s look into some common reasons why this happens and what you can do to fix it.

Reasons Why Background Music Drowns Out Dialogue

It can be challenging to enjoy your favorite TV show when you’re struggling to hear and understand TV show dialogue. There are three common reasons why background music drowns out dialogue when you’re watching TV.

Poorly Mixed Audio

Sometimes, the issue of poorly mixed audio results from the creative personnel of the show. Since the director, editor. composer and sound designer have a script to refer to and have heard the lines dozens of times, they’re well familiar with the dialogue and can hear it easily. This can result in them adjusting the background music too loud. However, since the audience is new to the show, they are unable to hear the exact words being said.

Mismatched Audio Setup

Did you know that different types of speakers are used to reproduce different kinds of sounds? Many people do not understand the importance of owning and adjusting a high-quality audio system. A poorly adjusted surround sound system can result in muffled dialogue and hinder the TV-watching experience.

Your Hearing Ability

Did you know that different people are able to pick out different sound frequencies better than others? As we age, our ability to hear higher frequencies worsens, resulting in overall reduced hearing ability. A decline in hearing ability could cause you to hear sound effects and the lower bass in the music over the dialogue.

How to Fix TV Show Volumes

Now that you know the common causes of drowned-out TV show dialogue, how do you go about fixing it?

Adjust Settings

There are many audio settings involved when it comes to watching TV. Try tweaking the audio settings on your TV, sound systems, and speakers.

Invest in High-Quality Products

Investing in better sound systems will help improve the audio of your TV shows. A graphic equalizer allows you to lower specific frequencies and heighten others, allowing clearer dialogue. Headphones can provide a clearer audio experience by eliminating outside sounds. They will allow you to watch your favorite shows at high volumes without disturbing your family and neighbors.

Unmatched Audio Clarity for TV Watching

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