The Best Way to Watch TV

Say Goodbye to Hearing Aids, Hello TV EARS®! 

Five Reasons your hearing aids don’t work well for watching TV 

  1. Background Noise: Wearing hearing aids to watch television is not ideal because everything in the room gets amplified such as the dishwasher, air conditioner and other people’s voices. When you wear your TV Ears background noises are eliminated and the only thing that gets amplified is the sound of the television.

  2. Can’t mute the TV: Wearing hearing aids to watch television does not allow you to mute the television for complete quiet. TV Ears has a Quiet TV mode that lets you mute the television and still listen to television as loud as you want. This gives family members a break from hearing the television which is especially nice if they are trying to sleep or read a book.

  3. Can’t listen in Private: Wearing hearing aids to watch television does not let you listen in private mode. When you put on your TV Ears you can mute the television so no one can hear what you are watching. This is particularly helpful when children are in the home.

  4. Voice Clarifying Technology®: Hearing aids are tuned for person-to-person conversations which is completely different than trying to hear television programs, streaming content or movies. Person-to-person conversation has one voice while modern programming has up to 64 tracks of audio all competing for your attention. Your hearing aid is unable to differentiate between all those soundtracks. TV Ears proprietary Voice Clarifying Technology amplifies speech frequencies and dampens the non-verbal soundtracks, so television dialog is easier to understand.

  5. Distance from TV: When you wear hearing aids to watch television you need to stay in front of the television. When you wear TV Ears to watch television you can walk around your home and even sit on the patio. This is particularly helpful for active people who enjoy watching TV when cooking, cleaning or moving from room to room.  


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