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TV Ears Trademark Enforcement Policy

Thank you for helping us protect our valuable trademarks and intellectual property

TV Ears is the most well known brand for television assistive listening products.  TV Ears’ intellectual property—including the TV Ears Trademarks, logos, icons, designs, trade dress, fonts, names of TV Ears products, services, and any other brand features and elements, whether registered or unregistered (“IP Assets”)—are proprietary assets owned exclusively by TV Ears. 

Our Trademark Guidelines, which may be updated from time to time, detail how our IP Assets can be used under specific circumstances. Our goal is to eliminate counterfeiting, and consumer confusion.  If you are aware of any person or company violating these guidelines, engaged in counterfeiting, trademark infringement or other deceptive trade practices, please contact us at [email protected]

TV Ears Trademarks include, but are not limited to:

  • TV · EARS (Reg. No. 3387270)
  • VOICE CLARIFYING AUDIO (Reg. No. 6755319

We have created a non-exhaustive list of permitted and prohibited uses to help you understand what you can and can’t do with TV Ears’ IP Assets. In general, wordmarks can be used to truthfully convey information about your product or service, as long as customers and the public will not be confused into believing TV Ears is affiliated with or endorses your product or service. However, our logos, app and product icons, illustrations, photographs, videos, and designs can never be used without an express license. Please review this list to better understand the uses we allow and the uses we actively look to cease. 

Please be advised that we aggressively enforce our trademark rights and will pursue litigation against any infringing use of our IP Assets, if necessary. 

Prohibited Uses

Without a written license or express permission, the following is prohibited on your website, social media accounts, Amazon marketplace, Google ads, Social media ads or otherwise:

  • Don’t use TV Ears’ IP Assets in the name of your business, product, service, app, domain name, social media account, other offering, or business indicator.
      • BrandName TV Ears headphones.
      • @tvearsfan

  • Don’t use the individual words “TV” and “Ears” in close proximity in order to deceive consumers. 
    • Over the ears TV headphones.
    • TV over the ear headphones.
  • Don’t use TV Ears’ IP Assets as keyword triggers, in search engine optimization, website code, or AdWords on online advertising platforms such as Google, Amazon, and Yahoo.

  • Don’t imply an affiliation, endorsement, sponsorship, or approval with or by TV Ears.

  • Don’t alter, animate, distort, or misappropriate TV Ears’ IP Assets, for example, by combining TV Ears IP Assets with other terms, misspellings, or incorporating them into a tagline or slogan, etc.
    • BrandName…Your one stop shop for all things TV Ears.
    • BrandNameTVEars
    • BrandName Excels at Spreadsheet Development!
    • Bringing you quality Voice Clarifying Technology since 20015

  • Don’t use TV Ears IP Assets as nouns or verbs.
    • TV Ears your way to better hearing
    • We’re selling new TV Ears

  • Don’t use TV Ears’ IP Assets in entertainment titles (including book, films, and magazines).

  • Don’t use TV Ears’ IP Assets more prominently than your own brand(s) or company name.

  • Don’t use TV Ears’ IP Assets in the name of a user group, fan group, tech communities, or other organization name, irrespective of whether the group or organization is a non-profit.

  • Don’t use TV Ears’ IP Assets on any tangible goods or packaging, including any promotional, marketing, swag, or other items.

  • Don’t file any application or recordation to register terms or logos identical or similar to TV Ears’ IP Assets as a trademark, service mark, trade name, doing business as designation, or any other proprietary right.

Permitted Uses

In general, you may do the following with TV Ears’ wordmarks and names of products or services:

  • Note if your product, service, or solution is interoperable or compatible with a TV Ears product, service, or solution. 
    • BrandName televisions are compatible with TV Ears headsets.

  • Truthfully and accurately refer to TV Ears and its products and services.
    • Used TV Ears transmitter for sale.

  • Use without alteration in text to refer to TV Ears and its products and services.
  • Use in the title of news articles, when truthful and not misleading.
    • TV Ears releases new speaker system.
    • TV Ears is adding new accessories to its catalog on August 1st
    • TV Ears partners with BrandName to add new accessibility options

  • Use less prominently than your own brand or company name unless you have a strategic partnership agreement.

  • Use as adjectives before nouns when referring to TV Ears products.
    • TV Ears headsets
    • TV Ears analog systems
  • Include a trademark footnote to give notice that you are using TV Ears’ trademarks, e.g., “TV Ears, (list additional trademarks in alphabetical order) are trademarks of TV Ears Inc.”

Legal notice

TV Ears trademarks are monitored and protected by the Traverse Legal, PLC law firm.  Any use of TV Ears’ IP Assets inures solely to TV Ears’ benefit and all use must comply with these Trademark Guidelines, or other licensing/contractual arrangements with TV Ears. Third parties, including licensees, may never claim ownership rights in TV Ears’ IP Assets, or brands that are confusingly similar to TV Ears’ IP Assets, in any manner, including without limitation as a trademark, service mark, company name or designation, domain name, social media profile/handle, or in any other manner.

TV Ears expressly reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate, revoke, modify, or otherwise change permission to use its IP Assets at any time and expressly reserves the right to object to any use or misuse of its IP Assets in any jurisdiction worldwide.

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