TV·Ears Digital™

Voice Clarifying Wireless TV Headset System
Our most popular TV·EARS® model, this wireless TV headset system comes with both analog and digital installation options.
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FINALLY a version that works with Hi Def TVs


My father has been using TV Ears v2.3 for many years. A few years ago, he got a Hi Definition LED TV. Unfortunately, the new hi def TVs do not have analog audio output on them. Therefore, the only way he could use his TV Ears, was by plugging them directly into his cable box. That worked for TV shows, but we had to unplug them from the cable box and manually plug them into the back of the Blu Ray player every time he wanted to watch a movie or Netflix (which runs through his blu ray). Then we had to manually move them back to the cable box to watch TV again. MAJOR pain! We tried version 3 of the TV Ears, but they did not work with hi definition sound (only got the low def channels). I then purchased version 5.0, and they work! They have an optical audio jack on the back of the base unit that connects directly to the optical audio port on the back of the TV.


<br>It should be noted that they did not work out of the box, however, and the instructions are very sparse. However, when I called TV Ears Tech Support (866-611-9934), they were extremely helpful. The TV had to be set on PCM instead of "Auto" for hi definition sound. The rep looked up the manual for my father's TV and walked me through making this configuration change. Once we did that, they seemed to work fine. As for father hasn't complained yet, but they are still quite new and he needs to wear them for a period of time to make a full assessment.

Awesome! Great Invention!


My husband can listen to the TV so he can hear it without the volume being loud on the TV in the living room! It's perfect for anyone that's hard of hearing! Best money spent!!

I recommend TV Ears to anyone hard of hearing


I love it. My husband can turn up the volume as loud as he wants with his TV ears while I now watch with normal volume. TV ears also allows him to hear the dialogue more clearly. I used to leave the room due to the loud noise. I wish I knew about them years ago. Susan

Great Product


Great product. Best connection is via optical link.

Digital Best


This is a replacement-This latest digital headphone system gives much better reception than the older ones which lasted about 5 years.

TV Ears Are Great When Hubby is Losing Hearing and Wife Hears FINE!


My husband developed a hearing condition and until the doctor releases him, he can't wear hearing aids. We have been listening to the TV for at least 6 months on full volume which is not loud enough for him and way to loud for me. So, we heard about TV Ears from a friend and bought them. It has helped so much. He can hear and I don't have to have the TV louder than I need.