TV·Ears Original™

Voice Clarifying Wireless TV Headset System
Doctor recommended TV Ears Original™ has helped millions of people with hearing loss understand television dialog without disturbing others in the home. Watch TV as loud as you want while others mute or set the television volume to their comfort. It's the perfect hearing aid for television!
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Give them a Try!


Works as stated! My mother is 87 and has a 60% hearing loss. She has the latest in hearing aids, but when it comes to watching tv in bed, she had given up on this till TV Ears! Easy setup. Note: make sure you connect to the audio "out" either on the tv or cable box. Sound on the tv is now on mute rather than

Great Gift for Husband


Purchased as a Father's Day gift for my husband. He has really enjoyed them, they were easy to install and work well. He has had a problem hearing for a while and always keeps the television too loud. The best part for him is the tone adjustment because some female voices are too high of a pitch for him to understand, especially on local news channels. This allows him to lower the tone and understand the person speaking better.

This is a great help watching TV


This is a great help watching TV, now when the dialog goes to a whisper I don't have to turn up the volume.

No more fighting for the volume controls!


The TV ears were easy to set up and worked after getting an overnight charge on the battery. Easy to follow instructions and the clarity of sound is excellent in all sound ranges, volume and tone adjustments worked as advertised. My wife is hard of hearing and wears a hearing aid most of the time. She had trouble hearing low voices on tv before the TV Ears and now can hear full range of sound even without her hearing aids on. Most importantly, we are no longer bickering of the volume controls and has made my life easier as a result! I will probably order a headset for myself to watch late night tv without disturbing her. Would highly recommend to friends and family. Arrived on time and in easy to open packaging.

It works as advertised.


This is a very effective product for improving voice quality and volume without burdening others with a louder sound volume. Indistinct voices become fully understandable. The TV Ears provides both individual volume and tone control and optimizes the audio for voice clarity.

The stethoscope style earphones are not stylish and require a little time to get used to. The audio signal is transmitted by infrared (invisible) light pulses, so the Ears must be in direct line-of-sight with the transmitter located at the television. As the alignment strays from direct alignment, static is introduced into the audio. This is not a problem when sitting and watching TV, but requires you to lower the volume, or remove the Ears to make a kitchen run.

The earphone unit charges on the base (transmitter) unit when not in use so that the Ears are always charged and ready for use. I don't watch television long enough to test the battery endurance, but it will easily handle a three hour period (the longest I can sit in front of a TV).

Having noted the slight disadvantages, this is a very effective product for improving television listening for those with deteriorating hearing.

Mom LOVES them


I bought this for my 94-year old mother. She still lives independently in a senior apartment complex. She was always afraid her TV was too loud and may be bothering her neighbors. She LOVES them.



I have two, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. I have had them for about 5 years . I would recommend them highly. I now enjoy watching TV without having to ask my wife as to what was said!!

Apartment Living


Truly a wonderful device. I bought my original TV Ears in 2007 due to hearing loss and they are wonderful since I live in an apartment.

Thank You

As advertised


Original version arrived promptly. Excellent packaging. Easy set-up. Remarkable improvement in clarity and volume.