TV Ears Technical Frequently Asked Questions

“I just hooked up my TV Ears, and I’m only getting static.”

If you’re using the optical digital installation option, you may be having a problem with what’s called “Dolby Digital”. You’ll need to check the settings on your TV to see if you can change your TV’s audio format to PCM instead.

“My headset is completely silent.”

If your headset is completely silent, you may want to first check if it gets static when you walk outside the room with it. If it does get static outside the room, the headset is charged but not receiving a signal from your TV. That means you’re probably having an issue with your connections, you’ll need to double check that everything is plugged in tight and into the places where it should be. You may also want to try a reset, by unplugging all the cords from the transmitter for 10-20 seconds then plugging them back in. If it is silent outside the room as well, the headset doesn’t have any battery charge. First off, make sure that whenever you charge the headset that the volume knob is turned off, because it will not charge at all if it’s left on. Also make sure you’re still getting a green light on the transmitter when you place it in the cradle. If charging it in the off position with the green light on doesn’t help, you may need to call in for assistance.

“My TV Ears were working, but now only get static.”

The first thing you’ll want to do in a situation like this is a reset. Simply unplug both of the cords on the back of your transmitter for 10-20 seconds, then plug them back in, and see if that makes a difference. If not, I recommend you call in for assistance.

I“My headset is too loud/quiet.”

The way the headset’s ear tips fit into your ears can actually have a surprisingly large effect on how much or little volume you get when wearing the headset. Try rotating your ear tips to different angles and see if one of them sounds better to you before calling in for assistance.

“My headset isn’t lasting long enough.”

First off, make sure you’re clicking the volume knob into the off position before you charge the headset, as it will not charge properly unless this is done. Also make sure your transmitter is getting a green charging light when the headset is in the cradle. If all this check out and you still have a problem, it’s possible that your headset may need a new battery.

“My TV Ears doesn’t work with Netflix, Amazon or other streaming services.”

You’ll need to first ensure that your TV Ears are plugged into the television, and not a cable or satellite box, as that is the only way you’ll be able to it up. If you are hooked up with the optical cord to the television and it’s working with TV channels but not streaming video, you may be having a problem related to the options on your TV. You’ll need to go into your TV’s menu and ensure that the audio format is set to PCM, and not Dolby Digital.

Can two people use TV·Ears at the same time?

Yes! Any number of headsets can be used with one transmitter at a time as long as they are part of the same product line. Each transmitter can only charge two headsets at a time.

“I don’t get a green light when I put my headset in the charger.”

If you don’t get a charge light from placing the headset into the transmitter, you’ll first want to look closely and make sure if any other lights are lit to ensure whether or not you have power. If the other lights are on, then check the two slots you can set the headset into on top of the transmitter. Each slot should have two metal pins sticking straight up, if any of these are bent you may need to use something to pry them up and straighten them out. If the pins are intact as well, however, you may be having a headset problem, and will need to call in to us to arrange a replacement.