Shipping Information

When will my order ship?
Orders shipped via UPS ground or USPS are shipped within 3 - 5 business days. Orders will arrive within 7 - 10 business days of the ship date.

Orders shipped 3 Day, 2 Day, or Next Day are shipped within 1 - 2 business days. Orders will arrive within the number of business days indicated from the ship date.

Orders will be shipped on a first come first serve basis. If any problems occur with your order, you will be notified immediately. TV Ears® operates Monday through Friday, excluding most US holidays. UPS Next Day, 2 Day and 3 Day shipping are estimated to arrive the following business day, 2 days, or 3 days (respectively) from the ship date, not the order date.

TV Ears® uses live shipping costs and product weight to calculate your exact shipping cost. You will be given shipping estimates during the checkout process so you can make the best shipping choice for your order.

All TV Ears® products are shipped from California. TV Ears® does not ship internationally. To place orders for international shipment, please visit our Canadian partner website.

For same day shipping and next day delivery, please call to place you order. Toll Free: 888-883-3277 Monday through Friday 6am to 6pm PST

With the recent challenges faced by the shipping companies since Black Friday - Cyber Monday we are suggesting the following cut off dates:
12/11- Last Day for Ground/Smartpost
Before 2pm PST 12/12-12/18 - Must Select 3 day
Before 2pm PST 12/19- Must Select 2nd Day
Before 2pm PST 12/20- Must Select Next Day
Before 2pm 12/21- Must Select Next Day (But we cannot guarentee delivery)

Product Returns

To return a product, follow these steps.

1) Call us for a Return Number: We cannot accept returned products without a Return Number.
2) Write the Return Number clearly on the package you are returning: Again, we cannot accept returned products without a Return Number. It must be clearly and legibly written on the outside of the package.
3) Ship the Product Back: Ship the TV Ears® product back in it's original packaging or in packaging that will protect the contents during shipping. Shipping costs are not covered by TV Ears®. The shipping address for returns is:

TV Ears® Warranty Department
RMA# (write RMA number here)
2701 Via Orange Way, Suite 1
Spring Valley CA 91978

Safety Information

Are TV·Ears products safe?
Yes. We recommend that you monitor the volume level at which you use TV·Ears products in order to avoid incurring hearing loss from listening at high volume levels for extended periods of time. We also recommend keeping TV·Ears products away from small children. If children do use TV·Ears products, it is not recommended to allow the children to use TV·Ears products at high volume levels as it may cause hearing damage. See products

Can I use TV·Ears with a pacemaker or internal defibrillator?
Yes. We recommend that you do not place the ear tip ends of any TV·Ears headset directly on your chest or within close proximity of a pacemaker or defibrillator. If you have concerns, we recommend you contact your physician.

The magnetic field emitted by the speakers of a TV·Ears headset is minimal. When used as indicated, TV·Ears headsets will not cause magnetic interference with pacemakers or internal defibrillators. The magnetic field strength of the speakers in a TV·Ears headset is less than 1 Gauss when within 1 inch (3 cm) of a pacemaker or internal defibrillator. It is recommended that the user keep the speakers of any TV·Ears headset at least 1 inch away from any pacemaker or internal defibrillator.