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Revolutionizing TV Viewing for Hard of Hearing People

For individuals who are hard of hearing, TV viewing can often be a frustrating experience. Dialogue and sound effects can be difficult to hear, and background noise can be overwhelming. But with the latest advancements in technology, TV viewing for the hard of hearing can be revolutionized. Wireless headphones for TV viewing are specifically designed […]

Infrared TV Headphones and Headsets vs FM Assistive Listening Devices

Exploring the Benefits of Infrared TV Headphones and Headsets vs FM Assistive Listening Devices: A Comparison of Features and Functionality Infrared (IR) TV headphones and headsets are becoming increasingly popular as a way to enjoy television without disturbing others. They offer a number of advantages over traditional FM assistive listening devices, including improved sound quality, […]

How to set up and use infrared TV headphones

Introduction to Infrared TV Headphones: What They Are and How They Work Infrared (IR) TV headphones are a type of wireless headphones that allow users to listen to audio from their television without disturbing others. They use infrared light to transmit sound from the television to the headphones, eliminating the need for wires or cables. […]

Why Is It So Hard To Understand Dialog On My New TV?

Are you having difficulties understanding television? Are you asking people “what did they say”? Are you looking for something better than closed captioning?  Read to understand the causes and find solutions.

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