TV·Ears Hearing Kit

Kit includes one TV Ears Original System and one HD Pro (Right Ear)
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This is a great deal with great product. Very satisfied.

A Happy Couple


"As an 89 year old, my main source of entertainment is watching movies on TV. Thanks to Digital Ears, i am able to hear every word without having the volume turned up. I do not need hearing aids to watch TV. however

I also purchased the TV Ears hearing aids. They are great and at a reasonable cost. Thank you Digital Ears. This Company really cares, even after the purchase."

A Total Solution


"I have used my TV-Ears for several years. However, even with my hearing loss, I resisted purchasing hearing aids due to their inflated cost. After purchasing a new digital TV it was necessary that I also have digital TV-Ears. It was then that I found that you also had hearing aids. As my past experience with my TV_Ears had been ""outstanding"" I had no doubt that the hearing aids would also be as good or better.

I immediately ordered them and received them one week later. I have been using them for about 2 months and could not be happier as they are exceeding all expectations and I highly recommend them to everyone. Hearing aids by day and TV-Ears by night. A great combination."

About tv ears


I can"t say enough about my TV ear or my hearing aids .my wife showed me a TV ears add in a magazine that's been over 2 years ago we haven't had argument over tv volume since, also I ordered the hearing aide's. There's no way I can explain how much hearing i'very missed on in my life .the people at tv ears are wonderful u can't go wrong. ☺

An affordable solution for anyone that has hearing loss.


I had some qualms when I ordered my hearing aids, but they were so easy to use and I had good response from the technician who answered any questions that I had. They are very comfortable and I forget I'm wearing them.

Best Decision ever made


"After receiving several ads for hearing aids- all more expensive than your TV Ears hearing aids, I ordered yours. It's the best decision I've made in my 85 years.

Thank you for putting such a wonderful product on the market for those of us with hearing loss and at a reasonable price."

Best hearing aids I've ever had!


These are the best hearing aids by far at a really great price.



Best purchase great price


"My mother has been using TV ears for years, and we love them. She can listen to the television and sound can be down for the rest of the house when we want it quiet. She had regular hearing aids and Haidet them they cost over $6000. I decided since the teachers work so well for us I would give the hearing aids a try. They are worth Every penny. She doesn’t complain about background noise and pull them out. As a matter fact sometimes she says she doesn’t think they’re working, ( because she’s not having all that annoying background noise ) but in fact she is hearing and carrying on conversations like a normal person with them in. So it is clear to everyone around her that they are working great!

They have been a godsend when we go out in a group to dinner and she can join in with everyone. Thank you TV ears for making a great product."

Best thing I did for myself


I am 75 years old and have a severe hearing loss. I had to keep asking people to repeat themselves or just let it go and not know what was said . Watching TV was like a silent movie. Then I saw the ad for TV ears and decided to call. The customer service rep was great and I ended up with TV Ears and hearing aids. The kit arrived in a couple if days very professionally packed with everything you needed and all the information and instructions. Plus your customer service number for any questions. I have called customer service and they are just amazing very helpful. I can now go off in the car and be a part of the conversation. My TV Ears I love I have my own volume and can adjust the tone I no longer watch silent movies. I would strongly recommend the ULtra Via kit to anyone who needs help with their hearing.

Enjoy My hearing aids


I have my hearing aids for several months and find I am using them instead of my $6000. ones, more comfortable, hearing is as good. Wonder why your company doesn't pursue nursing homes etc. for the TV ears-very annoying when two persons share room and one has TV on loud all the time, ugh!

good neighbors


I have found the digital hearing system to be very helpful. It lets my wife and I enjoy tv without disturbing the neighbors

Good Purchase


"After a trial period with expensive hearing aids I purchased the TV ears Digital Hearing Aid kit at a fraction of the price.Ultra Via performed as well as the expensive aids.And to my delight TV ears brought in with true fidelity my tv programs in comfort and with no disturbance to my family

when they watched with me."

Happy Hearing Husband


After investing in a very expensive pair of hearing aids which my husband did not wear we decided to try Tv Ears ! It was then my husband’s idea to try The TV Ears hearing aids. After a phone call to Mike at Tv Ears The decision was made Mike was so helpful in working with us to make sure my husband got exactly what he needed in this pair of hearing aids & My husband actually wears them! it’s fun to go out and be able to have conversations that he can hear what people are saying ! Any questions we have are only a phone call away! Thank You TV Ears for bringing hearing conversations back into our home!

Hear ye, Hear ye, one and all.....


I had a co-worker who also had a hearing loss talk to me about your digital hearing aids. I tried his on for a couple of hours and was amazed at how much I could actually hear again. Noises I never knew were happening right next to me. I ordered a pair that day, and have used them every day. It makes a world of difference. I can hear on the phone without the volume on max, I can hear my co-workers, nothing short of a minor miracle. I was always asking "what?" I think they are pretty amazed as well. I would recommend them to anyone having problems with hearing.

I can hear now!


Have tried other hearing aids which cost 5 times more than the ones I purchased from you. They give me better hearing than the more expensive ones. I would highly recommend the purchase of your product because of quality and price. If there is a better hearing aid out there, I don't know of it. Yours are the bests!

I finally found something that works!!!


I am so glad I decided to try these hearing aids. They have really helped me with my hearing and understanding conversations. I find myself more comfortable in a group situation. The instructions were easy to follow and they are comfortable. I would definitely recommend them .

Love the audio quality of TV Ears products.


I have been a very satisfied TV Ears customer for many years. They have made my TV watching a real pleasure. Several months ago I ordered the TV Ears Hearing Aid Kit and I'm loving my new hearing experience. I had a hearing test several years ago and was told that hearing aids might help. When I found out that it would be at least a few thousand dollars, I decided to wait until I really needed them. Thanks to TV Ears recent introduction of hearing aids at a reasonable price, I am again a happy TV Ears customer.

Low price and great quality!


I purchased TV ears and was very happy to be able to hear the TV for the first time in a long time! I had been to a hearing aid specialist, and was fitted with very expensive hearing aids! I was very disappointed in the hearing aids and heard that TV ears also had hearing aids! And for a much lower price! I ordered TV ears hearing aids and could not believe how good they are! I can’t say enough about the quality and how good they have helped me hearing! I highly recommend both TV ears and the hearing aids!

More Bank for your Bucks


Trying the Digital TV Ears pricked my curiosity to try the TV Ears Digital Hearing Aids. They are wonderful and outperform some more expensive hearing aids I bought earlier. I would recommend them to everyone needing hearing aids!


No more "What did you say"?


I'm very satisfied with my hearing kit. They are comfortable and I can wear them all day. I feel that they help when I am with people and now the conversations are much easier to understand.

Pleased with Product!


The hear aid kit works very well. They are so helpful. The advertising is accurate they do what they say. It makes watching television a pleasure, I can understand what is being said. Having a conversation is so much easier when you can understand what the other person is saying. I think they are great!

Satisfied Customer


I have been wearing these hearing aids for several months and I am so thankful to be able to take part in conversations that I felt left out of previously. It makes every day easier whether I am at home or church or in a restaurant. Thank you!

T,V. hearing aids YEAH!


I am happy to write this review about my new TV ears hearing aids,I tried others and then returned them,they sounded like tin cans, now I have my new aids from TV ears and i love them NO tin can sound and I hear clearly again. I am so happy. Betty W

Thanks for the Terrific Product


"My wife & I love our TVears, & in fact, purchased extra sets for TVs in other rooms. (Our families & company are delighted also.)

But since I got my Digital Hearing Aid Kit, I am now able to hear in other situations! I simply remove them for tv watching. I put the hearing aids in the rest of the time & enjoy the 3-level amplification. We love your products & have recommended to friends & family who are now using & as satisfied as we are."



I wore hearing aids for 7 years from an Audiologist. When my hearing loss progressed to the point where he could no longer help me, I ordered these hearing aids from TV Ears. I had used the TV Ears on my TVs for years and was so happy with them and with the service from the company. The price of these hearing aids was far less than I had paid from the Audiologist. I love these hearing aids! I had to send them back for one minor adjustment and got them back in less than a week, free of charge. When you call to order them, they ask you a few questions and then they arrive in the mail and THEY WORK! They require far less cleaning than my old ones. They come with free batteries and ear tips. When you need new batteries, you can get them everywhere. I used Walmart. These guys are so easy to work with on the phone if you have a question or problem.