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A hearing aid crafted with you in mind.

Designed by an experienced team of engineers, audiologists, and manufacturers right here in the United States, UltraVia is your fast and simple route to better hearing.

Better hearing without office visits,
tests or prescriptions.

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Ultriva hearing aids

UltraVia Features

Micro-receiver delivers sound directly to your ear canal.

The innovative micro-receiver delivers sound directly to your ear canal resulting in an
exceptionally consistent quality of sound that you’ve been looking for.

Made in the USA.

Designed and built by a team of experienced engineers, audiologists, and
manufacturers right here in the USA.

Directional microphones focus on what’s in front of you.

Built-in directional microphones help you focus on what’s in front of you
in even the loudest of environments.

HD processor gives you crisp sound.

88 bands and channels of HD processing power give you crisp sound.

Adaptive Feedback Canceler reduces whistling.

AFX Feeback Canceler dramatically reduces the whistling
that can occur in most other hearing aids.

Invisible nanotech coating guards against water damage.

Invisible to the human eye, a durable nanotech coating surrounds and protects
UltraVia’s HD circuitry from water damage commonly caused by sweat and rain.

Simple-touch volume control provides easy sound-level adjustments.

Simple-touch volume switch gives you control of the UltraVia’s innovative system that is
preprogrammed to meet the needs of most people with high-frequency hearing loss.

Virtually invisible design crafted for comfort.

Discreet, low-profile design is virtually invisible yet is
comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Interchangeable easy-CLICK™ tips gently conform to your ear’s contours.

Easy-CLICK tips comfortably conform to the contours of your ear canal and are
interchangeable; providing a broad range of sound options to fit your specific needs.

You don’t need to spend $5,000 or more to get better hearing.
UltraVia is a new kind of solution with exceptional
HD performance at a far lower cost.

The road to better hearing:

Traditional hearing aids vs. UltraVia

The UltraVia is your fastest route to better hearing. By eliminating many of
the tedious steps to obtaining a traditional hearing aid, UltraVia can
improve your hearing and save you time and money in the process!

Traditional Route

Hearing test
Complete a hearing test to determine the need for a hearing aid.

Choose a device
Here, better hearing comes at
a higher cost.

Be fitted
Have the hearing aid sized and programmed by a hearing professional.

Professionally fit hearing aids are typically bundled with service appointments costing thousands of dollars up front.

Go home and take time to learn about the many complexities and features of the hearing aid.

Follow-up appointments
Schedule regular meetings with the hearing professional to fine-tune the hearing aid response.

UltraVia Route


Call us toll-free
Let an UltraVia specialist answer all your questions then request your risk-free at-home trial.

Choose a device
Here, better hearing comes at
a higher cost.


An UltraVia specialist will follow up to make sure everything is working great!

“UltraVia is better than my $5,000 pair of hearing aids. I’ve never felt as confident as I do now.”

-R. Vandenberg Jr.

“UltraVia hearing aids are the best I have ever tried.”

-P. Garvey

“I like the sound quality, the comfort, and have no issues with the volume. My wife and neighbors were suprised at how well I can understand them.”

– W. Edwards

Experience UltraVia for yourself today!

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Simple 3-step process saves you time and gets you hearing better fast!


Intuitive and functional design makes using the UltraVia every
day a breeze.

Great Value

The UltraVia saves you 70% off traditional hearing aid prices. Gone are the days when better hearing cost $5,000 or more!

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