TV·Ears Dual Digital™

Voice Clarifying Wireless TV Headset System
Twice as powerful with two headsets, this wireless TV headset system is the best money can buy and comes with both analog and digital installation options.
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starsLong-Time User of TV Ears Would Recommend This Newest Model


We have been using and enjoying TV Ears for years and we have had a few versions in that amount of time, plus we have them at the ready both upstairs and downstairs. They are great if you have a hearing problem or simply want to enjoy TV while someone else wants a quiet environment for sleep or reading or whatever. I know this newest model has not had the best reviews but we have had no issue with them. The reception is better than any previous models. I must say, I am not crazy about the new earpiece but it can be rotated for more comfort and the system comes with a softer alternative. The arms on the headset can be adjusted quite a bit (instructions included) to achieve optimal comfort.

Works Great


Difficult to install, not all tvs are same as diagramed in instructions. Works fine once we figured it out on our large-screen tv. Be careful when charging, the ears must be turned off and facing the right way in the charger. 5 stars if it wasn't such a challenge to install on our big screen HDTV.... Update May 2014: we purchased in Oct 2013. Within a short time, one set quit charging, then the other began to fade last week. So we took one set apart and found batteries, tried to get batteries at Radio Shack, n/a. So ordered them online through an Amazon vender. Batteries arrived today and we are hoping the TV ears are charging up properly. When we changed the batteries, noticed a lot of corrosion, maybe these TV Ears packages sat on a shelf for a while before we purchased them? We do live in Hawaii and corrosion is a problem but not that quick! Considering how much we paid for this set, plus 2 sets of expensive double-button batteries & postage, it seems low quality, altho' when they work, they work great. We never did figure out how to install them on our other TV, tho'. We can't find an alternative to TV Ears, wish there was another option. aloha!

Just what we were hoping for!


Very pleased with these headphones. We find them convenient and comfortable, contrary to some reviews claiming they hurt their ears.

It is such a pleasure to be able to listen to volume at our own preference. Nice clear sound, easy to use.

Great Product


This is our 2nd pair of TV Ears. First pair were analaog and had them for years. The old pair would not work on our DVD play or streaming device because our tvdidn't have an audio in/out. The new pair are great. Solved our problem. I guess because they are digital Some people have said the arms aren't strong and broke with them but so far I have no complaints.

My Husband said its amazing


My husband said it is amazing. He retired from the air forcE

My husband said it is amazing. After 20 years in the air force where he flew almost daily his hearing is rated as profoundly deaf. Tv ears allows him to hear tv as well as clarifies whatever is spoken. Well worth the price.

Great product. We have used this brand for years and wanted another set to put in a different room.


I got this for my wife because we have the original that we have had great success with (and still do.) We wanted one for the exercise room so we could both use it and not have to change the ear ends every time. I highly recommend this product.